Sunday, 24 February 2013

Battlefield Birmingham Game 4

Right, going into day 2 I had 1 win and 2 losses. So the deployment, Hammer and Anvil, definately made a welcome appearance in the first game of the day. I was playing against an Eldar player with Dark Eldar allies by the name of Andrew. He had an interesting list. He was running Eldrad, a squad of Fire Dragons with a Crack Shot Exarch on a Quad Gun on an Aegis Defence Line.

He had 3 Venoms, 2 with Wyches and 1 with Blaster-born. He had a squad of 3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers, along with 2 small squads of Jetbikes. He then had a couple of flyers, namely the Voidraven Bomber, and the Nightwing, which is ridiculously durable so long as your opponent doesn't ignore your cover saves. Therefore an Exarch with Crack Shot on a Quad Gun would nail it. Finally, he had a Warp Hunter, which is brutal for it's points. I didn't even realise that it was Barrage until it fired.

The mission was the Scouring, and after the objectives had been given points, my opponent had 9/15pts on the board on his side of the table. So really this was an exercise as to whether I could get my guys over there intact. Most of my army stayed back, i.e. 2 packs of Grey Hunters, 2 packs of Long Fangs, the Psykers, Veterans and Manticore. Whilst the Drop Pod, Thundercav and Lone Wolves pushed forward to try and cause some damage, moving towards the objective worth 4 points, with 1 Lone Wolf coming down the other side.

My opponent got the first turn, and ravaged a Long Fang pack and a Grey Hunter pack with his Warp Hunter and War Walkers, whilst I pushed what I had up, the Drop Pod coming in behind his Aegis, shooting at Eldrad's squad of Fire Dragons but not doing too much damage. They then took a load of shooting, but still had a few guys left, barrelling into the squad next turn, whilst the Thundercav joined in the fun, with the Lone Wolf charging a Venom full of Wyches on the 4pt objective, slowly slugging his way through them for most of the game.

Meanwhile, the other Lone Wolf charged the War Walkers to tie them up, and although he killed one, he was killed freeing them back up again.

What it came down to on turn 5 was, in order for me to win, I needed either Eldrad to fail to kill my remaining Thunderwolf, the one with the Power Fist, so he didn't have a Storm Shield. Or, I needed my remaining Grey Hunter to kill a last biker to claim the 4pt objective. For the latter, although I got 2 wounds he saved them both, and when Eldrad hit my Thunderwolf twice wounding on 2s I thought I was in trouble. Fortunately for me, he rolled a 1 to wound, so I only lost 1 wound. Then the game ended and I won the game 4-3.

We carried on playing anyway, had the game ended turn 6 I would have still won the game, as although Eldrad killed the Thundercav to prevent him from contesting his 2pt objective, the Grey Hunter killed the Jetbike to claim the 4pt objective. However, had it gone to turn 7, my opponent would have won the game pretty comfortably.

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